Benim Evim Sensin

This is the story of Cem, a young boy who leaves turkey with his dad back in the eighties and has to find his place in his new home in Germany. In the following years Cem and his father get in trouble as Cem has problems to find himself into his new world. As the years go by Cem recognizes that the feeling he used to have to his father seemed to went lost. He remembers the good time he used to have with his father and decides to seek for this warm feeling from years ago.

Product / Brand: Mercedes Benz
Length: 2'52"

Idea / Sreenplay: Ben Miethke
Director: Ben Miethke
Producer: Madlen Folk, Marcus Merten
Director of Photography: Maximilian Pittner
Production Design: Zelda Lagies
Editor: Raquel Caro Nunez
Film Music: Niklas Paschburg
Sound Design & Mixing: Robin Harff
Voice Over: Norman Dickfeld & Anne-Marie Schikowsk

Leading Actors:
Erdem Kaynarca, Baselius Göze, Ali Bulgan, Turadj Bazrafshan, Josepha Walter
, Leon Seidel, Philip Mur

Thanks to: Jo!Schmid Filmprodukion GmbH, DEEBEEPHUNKY Talent Agency, Captcha!, Peach & Cherry Film UG, Nico Kuehn, Norbert Miethke/Hannen & Stein, BWGTBLD GmbH, Kodak Motion Picture Film, Mark Zechner

Art Design: Slaughterhouse GmbH