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Cold Blow Lane

Coming soon... 

Cold Blow Lane is a short film embedded in England's hooligan / casual culture of the 1980s

Director: Luca Homolka
Executive Producer: Marcus Merten
Associate Producer: Ignasi Vargas i Surroca 
Associate Producer: Jerónimo Pellicer Hummelsheim
Production Assistant: Cosmea Spelleken
Director of Photography: Christopher Behrmann
1st Assistant Camera: Lisa Jilg
2nd Assistant Camera: Franziska Kabutke
Steadycam Operator: Kevin Bose
Gaffer: Leonard Wölfl
Styling: Johanna Alscheken
Make-up Artist: Sarah Heidelberger
Sound: Paul Powaljaew
Location Manager: Jack Suckling

Stunt Coordinator: Lee Huang
Stuntman: Igor Tjumenzev
Stuntman: Mirko Stübing

Fire Stunt: Igor Tjumenzev

Editor: Quirin Grimm
Editor Assistant: Andreas Bothe

Sound Coordination: Paul Powaljaew
Sound Design: Manik Möllers
Foleys: Jonathan Linnenberg
Dialog Edit: Paul Powaljaew
Mix Down: Paul Powaljaew

VFX: Pijama 

Grading: Glass Works
Color Artist: Jonny Thorpe

35mm Print: Dejonghe

Actors: Paddy Rowan, Kieron Moore, Jake Haymes
Feat. Extras: Danny Buckley, Peter Muskett, Thom Donelly, Dylan Parry, Luke Pearson

Thanks to: Falca Film & Photo Production Company, Manchester School of Acting, Mark Hudson, Jack Suckling, Revolutions Production Ltd., Mint Casting / Dee Malik (Extras), Mike Hey (Ford Sierra Cosworth), Mayfield Station, Beck Rowaichi (Broadwick Live), The Alexandra Pub Edgeley, Stockport County FC, Edgeley Park, Willington Power Station, New Smithfield Market, and to all the local residents of Stockport who have given us the possibility to shoot in front of their houses.