pur+ 'Das Letzte'

'Das Letzte' is part of the ZDF childrens television show pur+ and online content  for ZDFtivi. In each episode flatmates Gilbert the bear and Babsie the punky puppet are getting in conflict with each other in a very childish way.

Broadcaster / Client: ZDF Television
Production Company: Autorenkombinat
Length: 3'20"

Producer: Marcus Merten (54 episodes)
Director: Marcus Merten (54 episodes)
Screenwriter: Ingo Schwarz, Daniel Beißmann, Ulrich Jungblut  
Director of Photography: Dennis Heislitz
Editors: Sebastian Kerz, Philipp Keller, Wolfgang Siebers
2D Animation Gilbert & Babsy: Dorian Lebherz
3D Animation: Tobias Schönke
2D Animation: Constanze Werneburg, Lisa Hauenschild, Julia Mergel

Actors: various